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Amir Ahmad

Join 60 Diverse Speakers for an Unprecedented Audio Seminar
and Conversation

  • Reza Aslan

    Author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and
    Future of Islam

  • Ethan Zuckerman

    Research Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society,
    Harvard University

  • Abdullahi An-Na'im

    Islamic Scholar,
    Emory University

  • Zeba Khan

    American Muslim Writer, Activist and Social Media Consultant

  • Sana Saleem

    Pakistani Blogger, Co-Founder of Gawaahi.com

  • Ahmed Shihab-Eldin

    Co-Host of The Stream on Al Jazeera English

  • Nasser Weddady

    Civil Rights Outreach Director, American Islamic Congress

  • Jillian C. York

    Director, Int'l Freedom of Expression, Electronic Frontier Foundation

  • Wajahat Ali

    Writer and Associate Editor of AltMuslim.com

  • Fatemeh Fakhraie

    Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Muslimah Media Watch

  • Sam Rosen

    Social Entrepreneur and Co-founder of ThoughtLead

  • Aziz H. Poonawalla

    Prominent American Muslim Blogger,
    City of Brass

  • Brian Whitaker

    Journalist at
    The Guardian

  • Jacob Appelbaum

    Prominent Tor and WikiLeaks Hacktivist

  • Shadi Hamid

    Director of Research, Brookings Doha Center

  • Asma T. Uddin

    Founder and
    Editor-In-Chief of AltMuslimah.com

  • Sami Ben Gharbia

    Tunisian Digital Activist, Advocacy Director of Global Voices Online

  • Nesrine Malik

    Writer at Comment Is Free, The Guardian

  • Aasil Ahmad

    Senior Fellow,

  • Ahmed Al-Omran

    Saudi Blogger, SaudiJeans.org

  • Zahed Amanullah

    Executive Editor at AltMuslim.com

  • Robert Guerra

    Project Director, Internet Freedom at Freedom House

  • Amra Tareen

    Founder and CEO of Allvoices.com

  • Khalid Aboulela

    Sudanese Egyptian Canadian Sufi and Active Twitterer

  • Gary R. Bunt

    Author of the book, iMuslims: Rewiring the House of Islam

  • Mohammed el-Nawawy

    Co-author of the book Islam Dot Com

  • Sahar Khamis

    Co-author of the book Islam Dot Com

  • Vít Šisler

    Founder and
    Editor-In-Chief of
    Digital Islam

  • Shazia Kamal

    Activist and
    Associate Editor of AltMuslimah.com

  • Eman Al Nafjan

    Blogger, Saudi Woman's Weblog

  • Raquel Evita Saraswati

    American Muslim Writer and Activist

  • Philip N Howard

    Director of Project
    on Information Technology and Political Islam

  • Hussein Rashid

    Associate Editor at Religion Dispatches

  • Noha Atef

    Digital Activist, TortureInEgypt.net

  • Abdurahman

    Somali Blogger
    and Al Jazeera Broadcaster

  • Javed Ali

    Founder, Publisher & CEO of ILLUME

  • Kawthar

    Sudanese Digital Activist and Twitterer @Kawdess

  • Haroon Moughul

    Director of The Maydan Institute

  • Michael Dowd

    Host of the "Evolutionary Christianity"
    Online Series

  • Amina Waheed

    Writer and Multimedia

  • Khadija Patel

    South African Muslim Writer and Blogger

  • Mustafa
    Stefan Dill

    American Muslim Blogger and PR Consultant

  • Maria Kari

    Canadian Muslim Writer and Activist

  • Carter Phipps

    Executive Editor of EnlightenNext Magazine

  • Musa A. Murawih

    Sudanese-American Poet, Activist and Political Analyst

  • Sana Saeed

    Blogger and Editor
    at KABOBfest

  • Terry Patten

    Spiritual Teacher and Peace Activist

  • Colin Christopher

    Inside Islam, University of Wisconsin

  • Nabil Echchaibi

    Assoc. Director of the Center for Media, Religion & Culture, U of Colorado-Boulder

  • Suad Abdul-Khabeer

    American Muslim Scholar, Artist,
    and Activist

  • Lisa Zahran

    Malaysian Writer
    and Social Media Marketing Consultant

  • Justin Mashouf

    LA-based Muslim Filmmaker, Artist and Internet Junkie

  • Zaki Hasan

    Writer, Blogger
    and Professor of Communication and Media Studies

  • Fabian A. Boehm

    Social Media Consultant and Convert to Islam

  • Iesa Galloway

    PR Consultant
    and Blogger at MuslimMatters.org

  • Imaan Ali

    Muslim Activist and Former Hijab
    Fashion Blogger

  • Samya Ayish

    Blogger and Freelance Journalist Based In Dubai

  • Ponn M. Sabra

    Blogger at American Muslim Mom

  • Ghada Alakhdar

    Academic Researcher In the Area of Cyberculture

  • Ahmed Gomaa

    Founder of iMediaStreams

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    About the Audio Seminar

    Something big is happening. For over a thousand years, Islamic scholars have generally maintained pocket option philippines significant control over the production, interpretation, and dissemination of Islamic texts and content to Muslim masses throughout the world.

    Now, for the first time ever in human history, that is beginning to radically change. New media—Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, and many more online tools—have made publishing and the sharing of content easy and democratized.

    As a result, millions of Muslim Internet users today are getting exposed to a huge diversity of ideas and theological opinions on Islam, unlike ever before. Moreover, they have newfound freedoms to speak their minds and spread their ideas hardly with any restrictions at all.

    Some of these ideas are troublesome and seek to lure young Muslims into extremist groups. Many further reinforce current mainstream Islamic thought. Others are deemed too liberal, heretical, and illegitimate by the orthodoxies, but are growing in influence. Some ideas attack Islam.

    Regardless of where you stand, there seems to be more questions what is pocket option than answers, and a few important questions stand out in particular.

    • In what ways is the Internet affecting Muslim societies and culture?

    • How are young internet-savvy Muslims changing the image of Islam in the West?

    • What is the future of internet freedom and censorship in Muslim-majority countries?

    • And last but not least, what is the future of pocket option in the age of new media?

    Register now and join 60 speakers comprised of Islamic scholars, new media experts, academics, journalists and activists for an insightful audio seminar and ongoing conversation focused on exploring answers to these pressing questions.

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    Your Host and Organizer

    An avid sociopolitical blogger since 2006, Amir Ahmad is a digital media and marketing consultant to thought leaders, best-selling authors, and CEOs. He's currently working on his first book, and pursuing a Masters in philosophy, along with research focused on the impact of new media on contemporary Islamic thought. He is your host, curator and the organizer of the global virtual conference and audio seminar, "The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media."

    Email: amir@islamintheageofnewmedia.com
    Twitter: @SudaneseThinker

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